Forum Training is a pre-requisite for new forum members, whether you are joining an existing forum or launching a new one. The one-day Forum Training is designed to provide a foundation to establishing group communication models whereby each member can learn and grow. Forum Training marks the beginning of a group’s relationship.

A professional facilitator will establish processes and protocols so that you and your forum can experience the value of shared peer experiences right from the start.

Moderator Training equips each forum’s elected Moderator with the tools to effectively and dynamically lead a forum. The Moderator organizes the group and runs meetings, and in this important position, guides the forum to make sure the group grows and evolves. The Moderator may have to take on the role of arbiter to deal with challenges and proper training is essential for new moderators and for forum health.

A professional facilitator leads Moderator Training over the course of one to two days and covers language protocol, presentation organization, crisis management, conflict resolution, retreat planning and much more.