A forum’s annual retreat is a time to step back, assess where you are and evaluate current learning needs in the group. Although it’s a significant investment of time and energy, an annual retreat allows your members to reaffirm their commitment to each other, build trust and address conflicts within the group.

A qualified facilitator draws upon a wealth of personal and professional experience with scores of forums when guiding your group through its annual retreat, ensuring that each member of your group participates on equal footing. By engaging a
professional facilitator, you’ll have a catalyst to address whatever issues exist in your forum — whether it’s mediating a complex situation or sparking a time of deep growth.


Some forums elect to have a Mini Forum Retreat mid-year between annual retreats. To schedule a Mini Forum Retreat, your retreat chair designates one monthly meeting to run a full day rather than a few hours. The forum uses the time for activities that build stronger bonds and deeper levels of trust.

A professional facilitator can guide the group through the session and will yield significant benefits for your group.